Suburbs is a mockumentary based around the misadventures of Scott Holmes, a recent arts degree graduate. He has no job, but does have a rock opera. This is Suburbs Tumblr. Please follow us for updates on the show and behind the scenes updates!

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Suburbs starts it’s run on Channel 31 this Friday 10.30pm AEST.

Good Friday? Wrong. GREAT FRIDAY.


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Music is a very big part of the writing process for me and episode 4 of Suburbs is basically about the two characters connection through music and even though they’re not together in a way they are…in the music…that’s lame.

I’ve been listening to the same playlist the past week while writing some episodes of season 2 of Suburbs (not sure if were going to do a second season, things have to happen but just in case, the episodes will be ready to go) here is a playlist that I made for my friend Holly the writer of episode 5 of Suburbs and is a good representation of what I was listening to when season 1 was being written and filmed, probably what would have been on that mix CD Scott made for Sloane *vomits*

That CD cover is what you call production value folks. LOOK IT UP. 

Mistaken for Strangers - The National

Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club

Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers

Don’t Let Me Fall Behind - Jukebox the Ghost

Same Mistakes - The Echo Friendly

Rebellion (Arcade Fire Cover) -  Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Speak Up - POP ETC.

99% - The Mooney Suzuki

Campus - Vampire Weekend

The Party - Regina Spektor 

LOST - Frank Ocean

Two Cousins - Slow Club

Time Won’t Let Me Go (VAN SHE Remix) - The Bravery

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Episode 6 - Natalie’s Party GIF’d!

Everyone deserves a lucky break once in a while right? Life can’t be this entire negative, angsty mess all the time can it? 

WATCH EPISODE 6 HERE and don’t forget we’re going to be on TV, April 18th, Channel 31!

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If you missed our super exciting news ‘Suburbs’ is coming to a TV screen near you in April!

But for now…

This is the last week we’ll be promoting each episode individually. Because we’ve come to episode 6 the final episode of season 1! Even though you can watch all the episodes at once HERE! We’ll be back to remind you we’re on TV in April.

Here is Episode 6 - Natalie’s Party

Written by Mike Salisbury and directed by Justin Brewster & Mike Salisbury

It’s the night of Natalie’s big dress up party! Stan loses his job, Amy is not pleased. Scott does the first selfless thing he’s ever done in his life. Sadly that leaves him with out the money to put on his rock opera, who will come to his rescue?

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Episode 5 - So Many Paper Planes GIF’d!

You’re just going to freeze him out? Like a popsicle?…a Scottsicle?!?

WATCH EPISODE 5 HERE and don’t forget we’re going to be on TV, April 18th, Channel 31!

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